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We develop, train, and serve Neural Networks and Software to enable AI Driven decisions and operations for public and private organizations in 3 continents.

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We provide AI-Driven suites of tools that cover Video, Audio, Language, and Geospatial processing: Insight-AI for Video, Insight-AI for Audio, Nayaat, and AuthLed.



Insight-AI Video processes images and video streams in real time

Insight Video API helps you scaling your video processing infrastructure through the power of AI, improving efficiency, and optimizing processes.


People and Vehicle Tracking

Across multiple different cameras, to understand motion patterns, identify subjects / vehicles (face recognition, license plates or general OCR fingerprinting) and produce real-time heatmaps.


Human Behavior Detection

By combining body posture assessment and motion across heterogeneous visual scenes, so as to index target behavior, such as smoking in forbidden locations, or product buying interactions within stores.


Object Recognition

Employing context-tailored models to detection of target objects, spanning from the assessment of PPE equipment to the evaluation of damage in containers, or monitoring machinery and equipment.

Insight-AI Audio processes sounds and voices in real time

Insight Audio API helps you analyzing high volume of environmental sounds through the power of AI. Recognize, tag, and classify high order audio properties.

Easily extract information from audio streams

Insight-AI Audio API provides useful audio analytics across diverse sound enviroments and organizational requirements:

Voice Analytics

Identify speaker gender and identity in real-time, and detect the proposition's intent and emotional sentiment.

Acoustic Outliers

Recognize anomalous sounds that might reflect equipment malfunctioning or malicious intrusions. Insight-AI Audio API can be used for audio surveillance and as a coadjuvant of industrial assets security.

Audio Fingerprinting

By applying context aware models to the assessment of patterns in audio signatures, Insight AI Audio API provides a solid layer for audio indexing, matching, and retrieval.

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REST API Interface

Using Insight API is as easy as embedding a one line call to our cloud servers. We take care of cueing, scheduling, and concurrency.

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On-Premise Options

If you prefer deploying Insight within your Infrastructure, we can help you with both the hardware and software needed to have it running quickly.

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High Throughput

Insight Architecture is based on Kubernetes, which helps maximizing hardware and software performance, availability, and scalability.


Nayaat uses machine learning to understand and react to human text and speech.

Nayaat Engine applies NLP models to all kinds of chatbot or enterprise management processes, easing deployment of conversational interfaces within your infrastructure.


Automate Customer Support Requests

Using Nayaat you scale up your support capabilities by means of automated conversations across multitude of conversational channels, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Web Widgets.


Extract Information Automatically

Recognize, extract, process, and store key data from text and audio. Building and applying your organizational ontologies becomes easier than ever.


Sentiment and Intention Analysis

Perform sentiment analysis, and predict communication intentions. Anticipate your users’ requests, and suggest personalized conversation paths and resources.

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REST API Interface

You can easily add Nayaat functionality to your application by means of its REST API endpoints.

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Multichannel Functionality

Nayaat can be integrated with almost every digital communication platform, so as to create a true omni-channel experience.

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Programmable Flows

Design and implement custom business rules, workflows, and integrations, with total flexibility thanks to its drag and drop interface.

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AuthLed helps you managing and monitoring geospatial and geofencing information

AuthLed makes it a breeze to setup perimeters and areas of interest in your deployments and fleet configurations.


Track your drones

Authled allows your to know the location of your drones at any point in time, past, present, or future.


Selectively unlock fleet

Authled makes it easy to open and close fleet units' operational capabilities to authorized, certified, qualified, or cleared personnel.


Setup mission perimeters

Authled enables you to prevent unauthorized deployments by means of a suite of advanced geofencing and geomonitoring tools.

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REST API Interface

All AuthLed functionality can be deployed in the cloud or on your premises, by means of simple API/SDK calls.

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Extensive Compatibility

Authled is compatible with most state of the art open and legacy mapping processors, and networking protocols.

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Networking Agnostic

AuthLed Architecture can be adapted to different networking infrastructures, according to your mission's range and throughput requirements.


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